Langgaard: The Symphonies

Langgaard: The Symphonies
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10/10 – Artistic & Sound Quality – Langgaard was out of his mind. Was he a crazy genius, or just plain crazy? It’s hard to say. His 16 symphonies range in length from one hour (No. 1) to slightly more than six minutes (No. 11). There’s a concertante work for solo piano, chorus, and orchestra (No. 3), music of Straussian refulgence (No. 6 “The Heaven-Rending”), some quirky faux Mendelssohn (Nos. 8 and 9), and lots of nature poetry (Nos. 2, 4, 5, 15, and 16). Most of the works have fancifu…

With his symphonies the Danish composer Rued Langgaard(1893-1952) offered 16 vastly different versions of what a symphonycan be. His captivating, complex genius made room forall conceivable idioms and a wealth of styles ranging from thegrandiosely Late Romantic to the purest Absurdism. This boxis the first collected recording of Langgaard’s 16 symphoniesbased on the critical edition of the scores; recordings whichdemonstrate, with spectacular sound quality, Langgaard’smasterly grasp of t…

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Langgaard: The Symphonies

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